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Both our water filtration systems and clean-burning stoves reduce the need for charcoal to boil water and cook. Charcoal accounts for 70% of Haiti’s energy use and is a major contributor to deforestation. In a country with less than 2% of its original forest intact, saving trees is essential. The deforestation of Haiti has led to the erosion of topsoil and the aridification of large portions of the island. It also has led to the habitat destruction of endemic species, including some found only on the island of Hispaniola. In addition, the water filtration systems eliminate or greatly reduce a household’s purchase of water in single-use plastic bottles (saving 5 million plus bottles) that pollute the land and ocean.

Water Filtration systems

  • Simple ingredients: clay, sawdust, water, and nanosilver
  • Clay water filters are affordable and proven effective.
  • Clean water for a family of 5-10 people for approximately 5 years
  • Provides access to clean water 
    • 45% of rural Haitian communities are locations where clean water is inaccessible or unaffordable
    • Lack of access to clean water causes an estimated 5,600 deaths 
    • Water filtration systems result in 60-70% reduction in cases of diarrheal disease in Haiti every year
  • Reduces costs for a family that is typically reliant on bottled water.
  • Currently produced in the Dominican Republic
    • We are working towards production in Haiti
  • Cost: $43 USD, local commission included

Clean Burning Stoves

  • Consists of a metal container and a perforated cast iron bowl insert that permits ash to drop and collect at the bottom of the container
  • Stoves are insulated to retain heat to cook up to 15% faster than traditional models
  • Clean burning stoves reduce smoke-related illnesses through limiting exposure to airborne pollutants
  • Three year lifespan
  • Cost savings $150
  • Made locally in Haiti