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Entrepreneurs Trained

Clean Burning Stoves Sold

water filtration systems sold


People Impacted

Million in Economic Savings


  • When a family switches from buying bottled water to using a water filtration system, they save around $150 annually (10% of income).
  • When a family switches to a clean burning stove from traditional methods, they save around $150 annually (10% of income).


  • Entrepreneurs earn a commission of $7 per water filter.  This additional income can be invested in home improvements, purchasing animals, and ensuring their children can attend school.
  • Entrepreneurs are taught transferable business skills that they can use to grow their water filtration sales or start their own businesses.


  • A water filtration system created from simple ingredients (clay, sawdust, water, and nanosilver) can produce clean water for a family of 5-10 people for approximately 5 years (saving the purchase of over 25,000 plastic water bottles).
  • Each clean burning stove saves approximately 20 adult trees and eliminates approximately 10 tons CO2 emissions (essential since Haiti is currently 98% deforested).