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Unlocking Communities’ inaugural project is in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world. Founder and CEO, Josh has been traveling to and volunteering in Haiti since 2009.  He has been involved with a church in Haiti since the age of 8. His early exposure to the struggles in Haiti gave him a unique perspective.  It helped him build a social enterprise model to meet some of Haiti’s most difficult challenges.

“The importance of social justice was something my parents modeled and taught me from a young age. This began with being socially aware in my local community but my experience with meeting a Haitian priest when I was 8 instilled in me that there is a world outside the United States.”


Why Haiti?


Map of our Communities


Around the World

Unlocking Communities demonstrates that providing low-income communities with the tools to create business opportunities is a more effective way to create quality and long-lasting economic impact. UC’s model begins by creating a relationship with communities by partnering with local organizations.  This helps to identify talented and committed entrepreneurs.

We have an objective to expand and franchise our business model around the world.  By the end of 2022, UC will reach 135,000 rural populations in two countries with safe, affordable, clean water. This will lead to $20.2 million in economic savings from costly bottled water, and nearly 95,000 adult tree years will be saved through reduced CO2 emissions.